Death on the Water

official AoS 2.0 Forbidden Power Battleplan for 3+ players featuring Order vs Death

Upon the shores of Lake Lethis, battle rages. The lifeless hordes of Lady Olynder’s dreaded Legion of Grief stream towards the city, but to their surprise a force of Idoneth Deepkin has emerged from the dark depths of the lake to carve a path through the undead and halt their advance. Led by King Ecraviir Blacktide, the Idoneth have dealt a sore blow to the Legion of Grief, but their gains will be few and their losses many if they are not reinforced by the armies of Lethis soon.

For the forces of Death, now is the time to strike. Vanquish any opposition and break through to the city of Lethis itself, where your true prize awaits. The forces of Order, meanwhile, must not only withstand the undead advance, but come to the aid of the beleaguered Idoneth.

Death on the Water is a Forbidden Power Battleplan for 3 or more players. Using the Coalition of Death rules (found in the open play section of the Core Book), one team takes the role of the Legion of Grief, while the other represents combined forces of Lethis’ Garrison and the Idoneth Deepkin under the command of king Ecraviir Blacktide. With its own artefacts to harness – such as the Solemn Shield of Lethis, which makes your chosen character incredibly hard to kill – rules for Exalted Units with their own abilities and new tactical challenges to master, it’s sure to offer you a thrilling game, whether you’re playing with a couple of close friends or gathering your club together for a truly epic battle.

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by Games Workshop

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