The Black Oak

official AoS 2.0 Forbidden Power Battleplan featuring Sylvaneth and Nurgle

A cankerous blight upon the verdant lands of Thyria, the Black Oak is a Feculent Gnarlmaw, bloated and colossal in size. Sprouting from a long-hidden Stormvault, it looms above the forest canopy, spewing forth noxious fumes and poisoning all beneath its shadow.

If the forces of the Sylvaneth are to take back Ghyran from the clutches of Nurgle, they must first purge this taint from their lands.

Time is short, for the Black Oak feeds on the sorceries trapped in the Stormvault below and spits forth endless spells from its open wounds that wreak havoc on the region. Furthermore, under the banner of the Maggot-King Glosthrayx, legions of Maggotkin rally here in greater numbers with each passing day.

Arch-Revenant Yamara has been tasked to sunder the Black Oak and cleanse this place of chaotic taint. Unbeknownst to the Maggotkin, life springs – repositories of jade magic – lay dormant here; if their power can be harnessed, perhaps the Black Oak can be destroyed.

With this battleplan, you’ll have the chance to fight the epic battle for the massive, endless-spell-slinging Feculent Gnarlmaw known as the Black Oak. The battleplan features new artefacts, too – the armour-shredding Spear of the Wild Hunt and the pox-spraying Maggot-King’s Festerplate.

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by Games Workshop

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