Codex Supplementum: Militarum Tempestus

a playtested WH40k 9e supplement for the Militarum Tempestus

Welcome trooper, to Codex Supplementum: Militarum Tempestus, a supplement for Codex: Astra Militarum.  In this document you will be briefed on the abilities and strengths of the Militarum Tempestus and how the various roles filled out by their units work together to effectively carry out their assigned mission.

Supplementum: Militarum Tempestus, fleshes out the rules that the Militarum Tempestus received in Psychic Awakening to make them a proper subfaction of the Astra Militarum, with rules on par with those provided by a Space Marine chapter supplement.

The author tried to take the good rules and cool fluff they already have and reinforce their identity as hard-hitting special forces, that are either used for quick solo/covert operations or the speartip of larger offensives to pierce the hardest part of the enemy’s defense.

These rules and units have been playtested on Tabletop Simulator with the help of the Discord community, and the data and feedback from them, and industry content creators, was incorporated to give the faction a variety of different options to fill out different nuances of a similar playstyle.

Download this supplement directly from the author’s Google Drive here!

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by Marcello Parras

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