Exemplary Battles: The Defence of Sotha

an official HH campaign featuring the Ultramarines vs the Night Lords

Barring the path of the VIIIth Legion intent on plundering Sotha and taking control of the Pharos device, stood the garrison force of the Ultramarines 199th Company, in the capital city of Sothopolis. Cloaked in shadow and deceit, the invasion of the Night Lords took the sons of Guilliman and the population of Sotha by surprise, leaving scant resistance to the planetary assault they embarked upon. Here amongst the burning ruins of their once proud city, the Ultramarines would make their stand against the overwhelming assault of the Night Lords in a defiant bid to prevent the mysterious artifact within Mount Pharos from falling into the hands of the Traitors.

This 10-page PDF contains all the lore and rules for refighting The Defence of Sotha: Aegida’s Lamnet as Ultramarines attempt to stop the Night Lords from obtaining control of the Pharos device.

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by Games Workshop

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