Codex: Drop Troops

a homebrew WH40k 9e Army Book for the Astra Militarum: Elysian Drop Troops

“Drop Trooper’s don’t die – they just go to Hell to regroup”

Codex: Drop Troops is a fan-made work of passion, created by nearly 350 like-minded players and hobbyists from all over the world. Our Discord community is three years old, and we have seen friends join, leave and re-join the hobby.

The “real world” events of 2020 and beyond placed enormous pressure and hardships on all of us, and for many our community and hobby has been a welcome place to escape to, even as we sometimes struggle to find the time to pick up a brush or throw some dice. That’s why our work in bringing this Codex to life has been so important, and a privilege to work on and be a part of.

We have worked as a team since the release of 9th edition to create a fully playable set of lore and rules for our Drop Regiments of the Astra Militarum. The original Forge World Elysian models have been long out of production, and though inevitable, it was sad to see our regiment finally dropped from the official 40k rules, and our models consigned to gather dust on a shelf, or in a box at the back of a cupboard.

With nearly 180 pages of lore, artwork, custom regiments, and rules we hope to resurrect, enhance and renew our armies and add wholly new creations, ideas and units for players to enjoy. This Codex is a stand-alone faction from Codex: Astra Militarum with the intent of creating a unique faction in 40k, relying on lightning aerial assaults and then a desperate fight for survival over objectives, effectively as a “horde deep strike” army, that we hope will be fun and thematic to play against.

Codex: Drop Troops is not designed for the “meta” or with  competitive tournaments in mind. Rather, we hope that this will be a fun contribution for friendly and club games of Matched Play and Crusade.

This is an Alpha release.
Even after a year of work from our community, we know there is still a lot of polishing and tweaking that will be needed. Rules interactions and keywords are going to be messy, there will be spelling mistakes and points miscalculations. But to improve, we need your feedback as a community. Only by play testing and analysis will we be able to make those corrections and then release a finalised version later on. We hope that you will join and support us, and maybe this will inspire you to add your own home-brew rules and creations.

Thank you. And remember; the Emperor protects.

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