Index Astartes: Space Owls

a fanmade WH40k 9e Codex Supplement for the Sova Noctis

“ <HOO HOO> ”
“Did anyone else hear that s…”
Last words of Chaos Lord
Vargral Zynax of the Black Legion, before his decapitation during the War for Uradax Prime

The Space Owls Chapter, or the ‘Sova Noctis’ as the warriors of that chapter often refer to themselves, are a non-codex compliant Chapter of space marines. Inheriting the Gene-Seed of the Raven Guard’s Primarch, Corvus Corax, the Space Owls are naturally stealthy warriors who excel in stalking their prey and unleashing sudden ambushes and devastating close quarter assaults. Formed in the wake of the ruinous events of the Reign of Blood and Age of Apostasy, they are suspected to be one of the few shadowed Astartes Foundings of this Era, utilizing founding members from the Raptors Veteran Company to raise the new Space Owls Chapter.

The Space Owls Chapter was created by the excellent creator of Grimdorables who first came up with the idea and look of the chapter.

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by MECHFACE, Grimdorables

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