Battles in the Age of Heresy

gamplay, army, and campaign rules for playing Pre-Heresy Space Marine armies in WH40k 4e

Welcome Brother, to a dark age of wonder. Find herein the Legions of the Space Marines, the greatest warriors that Humanity has ever produced.

Welcome to Warhammer 30,000: Battles in the Age of Heresy, the definitive guide to collecting, painting and gaming with a Pre-Heresy Space Marine army within the Warhammer 40k 4th edition rules framework. Within these hallowed pages you will also find campaign rules, guidelines and missions that allow you to re-create some of the most legendary battles in the Warhammer universe.

This campaign book is broken into five main sections that deal with different aspects of the Age of Heresy.

  1. Age of Heresy Rules: The first section introduces us to the age and the special rules that are used in Heresy Era games. This section also includes new units available to players in the Age of Heresy.
  2. Astartes Legion Rules: The second section details each of the Legions from the era and describes their special rules. This section also includes Legion Special Characters.
  3. Apocalypse Legion Rules: This section details a host of new exciting Legion formations that are used with Codex: Apocalypse.
  4. Age of Heresy Campaign Rules: All of the rules that you will need to play an Age of Heresy Campaign are described in this section. This also includes a suggested chronology for the campaign as well as suggested missions.
  5. Modeling in the Age of Heresy: At the end of the campaign book, we’ve included a section on modeling pre-Heresy armies and a trove of information to help you build your own Space Marine Legion.

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