Dark Apocrypha

WH40k 8e rules & datacards for heroes and villains from The Enigma Sector

Welcome friend, to an index of lost lore. Find herein the tales of heroes and villains, great and small, who plied the battlefields and spacelanes of the shrouded and maligned Enigmus Sector. Welcome to Dark Apocrypha.

This supplement is not a comprehensive reference, but a travel guide through the some of BoLS’ favorite characters that have made their games and mini-campaigns, set in the Enigmus Sector, come alive.  It is intended to get your creative juices flowing and to allow a set of enthusiast gamers and modelers a chance to dive into games with a host of exotic, but very familiar units.

Inside you’ll find 20 custom WH40k 8th edition datasheets for heroes and villains from:

  • Imperium
    • Blood Angels
    • Ultramarines
    • Astra Militarum
    • Inquisition
    • Adepta Sororitas
  • Ruinous Powers
    • Night Lords
    • Emperor’s Children
    • Death Guard
  • Craftworld Eldar
  • Necrons
  • T’au
  • Old Terra

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by Bigred, Abe Apfel, J.R. Zambrano, AdamHarry, Mayhem’s Muse, SALLstice @ Bell of Lost Souls

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