Battle for the Lion’s Gate

a WH40k 9e mission where a underpowered defenders holds out for reinforcements

When the walls of the Imperial Palace on Holy Terra come under attack at the dawn of the Era Indomitus, the Lion’s Gate turns into a site of apocalyptic bloodshed. Gore-drenched daemonic legions of the Chaos God Khorne assail the massive edifice, where they are met by armies of Imperial defenders. In the Penitent’s Square, one of hundreds of large plazas atop the Lion’s Gate, Captain Messinius of the White Consuls Chapter leads an Imperial force determined to hold back the overwhelming numbers of attackers. Reinforcements and orbital strikes are moments away, but the servants of Chaos threaten to overrun Messinius’ position. The beleaguered defenders must hold out until support arrives, while Khorne’s daemons are eager to break through and access the Imperial Palace itself.

This mission pits a powerful attacking force against beleaguered defenders who must protect vital landing zones long enough for reinforcements to arrive from orbit, with special Stratagems and unique objectives to contend with.

The mission can be played with any factions you like, so try it out and see who’s best prepared to protect the Imperial Palace in its time of need. We recommend lots of terrain to really give the battlefield the feel of an Imperial fortress!

You can read more about this mission here!

Download this mission directly from the Warhammer Community site here!


by Games Workshop

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