Apocrypha Necromunda: Daemons of Meridian

a new Dramatis Personae & Scenario for Necromunda

The wilds, wastes and badzones of Necromunda are filled with legends and myths of every colour and kind imaginable. Some of them are even true. Wander into any drinking hole in Hive Primus and crack open a bottle of Wild Snake (or Second Best if you’re a little light on creds) and within moments some crusty-faced local will be bending your ear with a tale or two. Maybe their little corner of the underhive was once the site of a showdown between the notorious Carrion Queens and the equally nefarious Irontree Reavers, or perhaps the legendary bounty hunter Kal Jericho drank at the very bar you’re sitting at now and they got close enough to touch the hem of his duster. Whatever the yarn, you’d do well to listen carefully, for hidden in every story is at least a grain of truth, and maybe even a lesson or two that might keep you alive when you’re next out wandering the badzones looking for trouble…

In addition to a brand new scenario, Cut off the Head, you will find a new Dramatis Personae – Czarn the Cyberoth – for use with Chaos Helot Cult gangs and Chaos Corrupted gangs. This new fighter allows you to add a powerful heretek to your gang wearing the iron body of an ambot automata. Czarn is also suitable as a leader for an Outcast gang, leading renegade hive scum in the service of his dark masters.

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by Games Workshop

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