AoS 3.0 Siege Warfare

a compilation of siege & large-scale battles rules for AoS 3.0

Built off of the AoS 2.0 Siege Rules that Jacob Wood compiled, but greatly expanded, this document describes rules that you can use to hold epic scale Siege battles in Age of Sigmar 3.0!

The document puts, in one convenient place, excerpts from

  • Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition Core Book
  • Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition Core Book
  • Wrath of the Everchosen Campaign Book
  • General’s Handbook 2018
  • Rerolling Ones YouTube channel

and expands them with additional, custom, content.


Covered rules include

  • Gathering of Might (streamlined rules for playing large scale battles)
  • Siege Rules (pre-assault preparations and siege-centric Command & Alliance Abilities)
  • Stronghold Terrain Features (destructible walls and fortifications)
  • Strongpoint Terrain Features (destructible town features with effects)
  • Siege Equipment (ladders, battering rams, & siege towers)
  • Siege Engines (cannons, catapults, and ballistas)
  • Battleplans


Grab the rules directly from the author’s Google Drive here!


by TCRepo

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