The Gibbering Dome 2019

a 3 scenario AoS 2.0 narrative event from Adepticon 2019

The story of the Gibbering Dome’s descent from the marvel of Voidskein stands in contrast to the horrors that befell most civilizations in the Age of Chaos. Thanks to the mind of Teclis, its power has only been broken, but not destroyed, and through the Aex Libris what has been lost may still be found.

The Gibbering Dome is a truly massive place both in game and out.  In game, it is the remains of a once great center of knowledge from the Age of Myth.  In our physical world it is a massive collection of reconfigurable terrain that can represent various parts of this structure.  In our imagination it is a setting in which you can create endless encounters in Age of Sigmar, Warcry, and other game systems.

This download is for a 3 scenario narrative event that was put together for Adepticon 2019.  The download includes both the event pack and a document describing the lore and background of The Gibbering Dome.

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by Paul Wagner @ The Mortal Realms


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