WHFB 9e After the End: Tomb Kings

an updated Tomb Kings Army Book compatible with the unofficial WHFB 9e Project

The Tomb Kings are the true monarchs of the Undead. They ruled a vast and mighty civilisation at a time when other men were still barbarians, and now, thousands of years after their deaths, they have been awakened. Rising from their sarcophagi, the mummified Tomb Kings are coming to reclaim their rightful dominions, and woe betide any that stand in their way.

A Tomb Kings army arrayed on the battlefield is a spectacular sight to behold. The undead legions comprise rank upon rank of skeletal soldiers – great phalanxes of gleaming bone decorated with bronze and gold – regiments of Undead cavalry and gilded chariots, mummified heroes and immortal kings, and towering war-statues carved in the images of mythical monsters and ancient gods.

The Tomb Kings are a merciless and implacable force, one that will not stop until its foes have been utterly crushed

Welcome to the unofficial 9th Edition Warhammer: Tomb Kings, your indispensable guide to the ancient and wrathful denizens of the cursed Land of the Dead. Part of the WHFB 9th Edition: After the End project, this book provides all the information you will require to play with a Tomb Kings army in games of Warhammer.

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by Matthew Brown

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