Exemplary Battles: The Battle of Pluto

an official HH campaign featuring the Imperial Fists vs the Alpha Legion

As the Age of Darkness ground ever onwards, the fires of war would spread throughout the entire galaxy, consuming everything in their path. Armies and worlds were reduced to nothing more than ash, in many cases leaving no one alive to bear witness to the sacrifices made or the atrocities committed. During this time, each Legion employed unique formations to prosecute their own style of war, whether by choice or through necessity, making use of unconventional, often abhorrent, tactics and weapons. Many of these formations would be lost during the dark years following the Horus Heresy, their traditions wiped out and the last stockpiles of their weapons exhausted. Some, however, have been preserved in these records, that future generations may learn of the terrors unleashed upon the galaxy by the Emperor’s turncoat sons and the valiant heroes who stood against them.

The Battle of Pluto: Hydra’s Devastation, is a 12-page PDF that details a series of skirmishes between the Imperial Fists and the Alpha Legion, as the former attempts to stymie efforts by the latter to sow discord within the Sol System.

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by Games Workshop


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