WHFB 6e Magic Cards

official magic card gaming aids for WHFB 6e

These Warhammer magic cards have been created to use as gaming aids so that you don’t need to keep notes or keep referring to the Warhammer rulebook. There are a number of ways that you can use them:

  • Randomly generate spells. Simply shuffle the cards and pick out the amount that your Wizard is entitled to have. If you have more than one Wizard using the same spell list, it might be best to print off a couple of copies of the cards, as two Wizards could have the same spell.
  • Keep track of Remains in Play spells. To remind you of what units are being affected by Remains in Play spells, place the spell card next to that unit. Simple as that!
  • Keep track of what wizard has what spells. By placing the spell cards that a wizard has in a pile facedown next to his model, you can easily keep track of who has what spell.

To use your cards simply print out the PDFs in either colour or black & white (depending on your printer). We recommend you use the best paper and ink quality your printer supports to make them look really nice. Then carefully cut round each paper card face and glue them on to some stiff card – spell on one side, Magic symbol on the other. Make sure you get them all the right way round when gluing the backs on!

Read more about these cards at the Wayback Machine here!

The download includes printable PDF cards for the following Lores of Magic, which you can also download from the Wayback Machine:


by Anthony Reynolds @ Games Workshop

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