WHFB 6e Battlefield Objective Cards

official alternate victory condition cards, originally featurd in WD317, for WHFB 6e

White Dwarf 317 featured new rules that describe victory conditions that can be used to replace those in the Standard Pitched Battle scenario. The article provided a variety of ways to use the objectives, including a table to roll on. Games Workshop made these objective cards freely downloadable.

To use the cards in games, players may select cards openly, or in secret and then reveal them at game’s end. By using the Battlefield Objective cards, players ensure that no two Objectives in play will be the same. If you’re playing with a GM and Secret Objectives, it is highly recommended that you use the cards and removing Rescue from the deck.

After you download the cards, print them out (on card stock if your printer can handle it), cut them out, and if you like, place them in collectible card sleeves to protect them from wear and tear.

Download the cards from the Wayback Machine here!

Checkout the original download page at the Wayback Machine here!


by Games Workshop

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