Weirdnobz InDesign Warscroll Template

an Age of Sigmar Warscroll Template for Adobe InDesign

The Weirdnobz Age of Sigmar gaming group has developed an Adobe InDesign template that you can use to make your own Age of Sigmar Warscrolls!

Include in the download are:

  • Adobe Indesign files
    • warscroll.indd
    • warscroll.idml
  • Fonts
    • ZapfDingbatsITCbyBT-Regular.otf
    • MinionPro-Regular.otf
    • MinionPro-It.otf
    • MinionPro-BoldIt.otf
    • MinionPro-Bold.otf
    • Figural Std Medium.otg
    • Figural Std Book.otg
    • AdobeFnt22.lst
  • Complete Blank Warscroll JPG images for
    • Standard Warscroll
    • Endless Spell Warscroll
    • Blank Page
  • Warscroll Component PSD files for
    • The background
    • The side ribbon
    • The stats compass
    • The chain
    • several example unit images

Note that this download is approx. 85MB!

You can download the latest version direct from their here!

See more of the Weirdnobz Gaming Aids at their site here!


by Weirdnobz

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