Warzone Bellhaven: Setting Sons Act I

a WH40k 9e/10e narrative Campaign Pack multiple players

The wake of the Cicatrix Maledictum shook a great many heretic dregs from the underbelly of the Imperium, seeing the rise of countess heretic cults throughout the galaxy. Bellehaven is one such tragedy. The engagement at Bellehaven had a most mundane beginning, yet one of the more… Unexpected outcomes. Cultists of the archenemy had taken an abnormally large foothold in the star-system. What had appeared as an, albeit large, but relatively normal heretical cult uprising, would take a turn toward the apocalyptic. The Bellehaven System was born as an Ecclisiarchal colony. It has been in imperial records for roughly 11,000 years. Also known as the “Bed of Saints,” for it has attracted the attention of many of them. According to local legend each planet is named for a relevant saint to its local lore – and, as it seems, this tradition continues. It appears as well, that the Ecclisiarchy has decided that despite its generous holdings in the system that it is not worth the efforts or resources to maintain many of these, as such an undertaking would only be a hemorrhage. It also seems that many of these saints – and mind you I did try to my fullest extent – deeds of sainthood cannot be found within any imperial record – it does leave one… curious. Still… it does give many hope, believing that they hail from a proud and honorable heritage, and who am I to question the validity of such claims?


by N3rfh3rd3r420

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