an AoS 3.0 narrative league campaign

The Season of the Beast continues, with armies of thousands striking out into the wilderness. From the bastians of Order, the valiant Stormcast Eternals escort Dawnbringer Crusades, following mystical ley lines in search of prime building locations. Rallied by the proclaimed Earthquake God Kragnos, the forces of destruction push back against this civilization, tearing down false idols to Sigmar.

As these two powers clash, more forces arrive to the Ghurish lands of Thul’Kimia. Inspired by frenetic visions, the Skaven begin constructing bizarre machines over the ley lines, sapping their power into Warpstone devices. Deep in the northern jungles, the Maggotkin wage a war of attrition with the Darkoath tribes and Sylvaneth groves that follow a single, massive river, while in the east, bands of Slaanesh seekers raid both Khornite battle-camps and Ogor stampedes. At every battlefield, the servants of Nagash raise terrible armies to supplement the expedition forces of the Ossiarch Empire, while secretly playing to the goals of their vampyric masters.

This is a path to glory, written in blood and sealed by fire.

Warpath is a narrative league campaign, for Age of Sigmar 3.0, that tells the story of the ongoing conflict in Ghur, inspired by the Broken Realms supplements.  It includes supplementary rules, custom quests & artifacts, and unique battleplans.

This campaign was run at at Giga-Bites Cafe in Atlanta, GA.

Read more about Warpath at the Atlanta Warhammer site here!

Download the Warpath Player Pack from the author’s Google Drive here!

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by Zack @ Atlanta Warhammer

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