Warhammer Icons Compilation

Icons for AoS, WH40k, & WHFB

This download includes more than 900 icons for Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, & Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  Most of SVG (some are not).  This collection includes material from a number of authors who have worked to both create these fine icons as well as compile them.  Remember, all of these images are the Intellectual Property of Games Workshop.

Check out BakaDesign’s (ever expanding!) database of WH40k Icons here.

Browse Squirem’s excellent WH40k icon collection here.

Browse Squirem’s excellent AoS icon collection here.

See Locequen’s GitHub WH40k icon repo here.

See shitake and farvig’s GitHub WH40k icon repo here.

Read about the WHFB icons collected by runebound here.


by farvig (BakaDesign), Squirem, Locequen, shitake, & runebound

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