Warcry: Traps of Destiny

custom Warcry rules so you can play alone!

This Is Warcry: Traps of Destiny!  A single player mode for WarCry, this unofficial variant that first appeared on the Colorfulminis forum.  With these rules, the single player of WarCry will be able to play alone against the game, without decreasing the richness of the experience, and with an interesting level of difficulty.  These rules allow the automatically managed warband to access abilities, defend objectives and strategically target fighters according to the configuration of each battle.  However, we have taken care to make these rules as simple and streamlined as possible so as not to get in the way of the player, who is focused on his own warband.  Any comment or feedback on these rules are welcome at https://colorfulminis.com/contact.

Read more about these rules or download the latest version (French) at the author’s site here!

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by DiceRoller @ ColorfulMinis

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