Warcry Non-Playable Warband Rules

Warcry AI rules for chaotic beasts and other mindless hordes

The goal of this add-on is to add a simple AI to control a Non-Playable Warband (referred as NPW in the rest of the ruleset), to control chaotic beasts and other mindless hordes (Squigs, ghouls, ghosts….) in your regular games of Warcry. In addition to the AI, each NPW has their own specific rules to add flavor and hopefully « fun ».

This add-on is aimed at people who only have 1 friend who has only 1 warband, for people who wants to use models they shelved for whatever  reasons and for people like me who are always looking for an excuse to buy more minis.

Download these rules directly from the author’s Google Drive here!

Checkout Pseudonyme blog (in French) here!


by Pseudonyme

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