Grasslands – Udder Mayhem

a unofficial Gaslands supplement featuring Rural Combat

The Cold War of the 1980s ended exactly as most predicted, with nuclear apocalypse. Death and destruction rained down on over half the planet, and the survivors were forced to scavenge a meager life in the radioactive wastelands. Some turned to the remaining cities to find work or participate in the popular GASLANDS racing circuit.

The rural areas were forced to fend for themselves, and resourceful farmers found ways to manage the radioactive land, where herds of mutant boars pillage the countryside and hissing needle-grass can dissolve a man in seconds flat. Greed, aggression, and sheer boredom gave birth to a new racing circuit where tractors and other farming vehicles careen around treacherous terrain, trying to outrun and outright murder the competition.

Welcome to the GRASSLANDS.

GRASSLANDS is to be used in conjunction with GASLANDS REFUELLED. All weapons and relevant perks from GASLANDS may be used for the vehicles in this book. Normal limitations apply, as no faction in GRASSLANDS may use Mishkin exclusive weapons. Use common sense when confronted by technical questions, and always keep the spirit of the game in mind.

This download includes a PDF version as well as a small and a large EPUB version thanks to the work of Jake Hadley!


by G.P. Mayer, G. Campbell, Gary Jones, Juuso Kalvianen, Mathieu C. Rosa, Spandex Wizard, V. Niday, D. Rich, M. Steve, V.N.M., Jake Hadley

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