Warcry Fighter Cards: Kruleboyz

official Warcry Fighter Cards for the Kruleboyz

Kruleboyz players will find lots of dastardly tricks and cunning abilities to use in your battles of Warcry. There are 14 fighter cards to choose from, including the formidable Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof. As you might imagine, he’s a bit of a beast.  At the other end of the spectrum is the humble Pot Grot. Coming in at 35 points, they might just be the cheapest fighter in the game – even Gnoblars are more expensive at 45 points. While their stats may be measly, they still have their uses thanks to the Brewed Elixirs ability.  Lastly, the Man-skewer Boltboyz can form the backbone of many Kruleboyz warbands thanks to the powerful missile support they provide.

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by Games Workshop

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