War of the Morruk Hills

an official, 4 battle, Warcry narrative campaign for 2 players pitting Stormcast against Kruleboyz

In the aftermath of the battle for Amberstone Watch the Kruleboyz Killaboss Gazog was driven back, but the cunning orruk is far from defeated. As the stoic and implacable Hammers of Sigmar consolidate their position at Amberstone Watch, they ready themselves to strike south towards the Morruk Hills with vengeance. The bloodshed has only just begun, for the Kruleboyz are itching to avenge the setback, and neither side will back down before the other is utterly destroyed.

This is a narrative campaign for 2 players. One takes the role of the Auric Lions, a Thunderstrike Stormhost of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals. The other takes the role Gazog’s Boyz, a band of cruel and malicious Kruleboyz that nearly succeeded in bringing Amberstone Watch to ruin, and are now out to finish the job.

The campaign will last for 3 or 4 battles in total. To begin with the two sides will battle over different locations of importance between Amberstone Watch and the Morruk Hills to the south-west. Then, once one side has carved out an advantage, they will confront their enemy in a final, decisive battle.

This narrative campaign explores the aftermath of Amberstone Watch, chronicled in the new Age of Sigmar starter sets. If you have one of those sets in your collection, you’ll be able to use the included miniatures with the rules in this book to play through a thrilling evening or weekend’s worth of gaming.

This download includes the War of the Morruk Hills campaign as well as Warcry Fighter Cards for the Thunderstrike Stormcast & Kruleboyz

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by Sam Pearson @ Games Workshop

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