War of Attrition

a WH40k 9e narrative scenario that sees rivals tug-o-war the shared Frontline

The Imperium’s unwavering strength has successfully thwarted the forces of Chaos for countless millennia. This protracted conflict spans numerous systems within the Imperium of Man, where worlds are often swiftly seized by both sides, overwhelmed by sheer force. Although resistance may seem futile at times, there are instances when it proves otherwise.

At this crucial juncture, you are tasked with resisting the constant lure of the enemy’s counsel. Your mission is to halt their advance and compel them to retreat, thereby shifting the tides of war back in our favour. We have remained in a stalemate on this frontline for far too long. However, now is the opportune moment for a final decisive push, crippling the enemy’s supply lines and launching flanking manoeuvres in other sectors. Together, we can unleash havoc upon their forces.

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by Cadian Shock

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