Apocrypha Necromunda: Escape from Zalktraa

a jail break Necromunda scenario

The Aranthian Succession continues, and the gangs of Necromunda throw in their lot with the powers squabbling over Lord Helmawr’s vacant throne. The outlaw noble Lady Credo gathers support from the shadows for an all-out civil war with the devious Lady Haera Helmawr, and the notorious prison-hive of Zalktraa holds just the kinds of dangerous criminals she needs to mount her campaign.

It’ll take skill and daring to break past the cordon of Enforcers and their Sanctioner-pattern automata, but luckily your gangs have that in spades…. right? Owen from the Necromunda design team is here to tell us all about the new downloadable scenario

You can read more about this update here!

Download these rules directly from the Warhammer Community site here!


by Games Workshop

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