Toils of Avarice

a 6 battleplan narrative campaign, for AoS, with a unique "Gift of Slaanesh" mechanic

Something has changed in the realm, recent tremors across the land have resulted in great fissures being opened, throwing back into the mortal realms artifacts and secrets from the world-that-was long since forgotten.  This has generated much interest among native peoples but all attention of a more insidious kind.  The wisest and poorest alike have complained of bizarrely pleasurable dreams and hearing strange whispered promises just outside of clarity.  The wisest have been granted visions of clues that lead to some ancient artifact, either a treasure of incalculable worth or an evil so terrible that to let it fall int the hands of the enemy would be perilous.  An army has been mustered to seek out these clues but as they make their way toward the site the sky begins to darken, purplish pulsating clouds start to form overhead and the whispered temptations begin to grow louder and louder…

This is a narrative Slaaneshi fan campaign for Warhammer : Age of Sigmar consisting of multiple battleplans to be played by two players.  Each battleplan has its own specific victory conditions for either player and do not use those given in Warhammer : Age of Sigmar Rules.  In some cases the next battleplan to be played will be determined by the victor of the previous one.  As such, in each playthrough of the campaign, not every battleplan will be required.  Players should feel free to change the units in their armies between battles.

You can find the original download page for Toils of Avarice here.


by Synoiz

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