Sigmarisnacht 2019

a Global Narrative Event themed around the 12 days of Sigmarisnacht

Lord-Celestant Coregos stepped out into the icy morning air. The scent of sulfur wafted on the breeze, and he could hear the distinct clash of battle in the arena. In the sky he could see a fresh wave of gifts hurtling down from Azyr. He stepped forward and nearly tripped over the package at his feet. It read (written in something that looked suspiciously like blood) “To: Coregos… From: A Secret Benefactor”. I guess I need to get them a present too, he thought, so he hefted his mighty warhammer and headed to the arena.

…Who is Coregos’ secret benefactor? Will he defeat them in single combat? Play to find out! Your battles will determine what happens next!

The Twelve Days of Sigmarisnacht is a Global Narrative event that took place in December of 2019 with a single, simple, battleplan.

Read more about Sigmarisnacht here and here!


by Duncan Hall

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