The Marketplaces of Necromunda

an official Trading Post supplement representing the various markets, trading areas, and caravans in Necromunda

‘This is the finest archaeotech this side of the Equatorial Wastes. Guaranteed to make your dreams come true. The whirling noise? No, that’s meant to happen. I just need to check something under my desk … ‘ – Granul ‘Threefingers’, Scavenger¬†

This download provides additional material to represent the various markets, trading areas and caravans that make up the Trading Post where gangs can barter for weapons and equipment, updating and expanding the Trading Post rules found in Necromunda: Gangs of the Underhive. Where the House and Fighter Equipment lists contained within the various gang lists provide commonly-used equipment for each House’s gangs and the type of arms and armament they will readily be able to lay their hands on, the Trading Post lets them expand their arsenal beyond the norm.

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by Games Workshop

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