Exemplary Battles: The Battle of Armatura

an official HH campaign featuring the World Eaters & Ultramarines during the Shadow Crusade

Armatura was the key to the Five Hundred Worlds of the Ultramarines’ stellar empire. Rivalling in importance the crown jewel of Ultramar that was Macragge, Armatura was a war-world and acted as a vital strategic nexus for the Ultramarines’ desperate battle for survival in the Eastern Fringe. Its industrial production capacity was vast and matched that of some of Ultramar’s minor Forge Worlds, with the Armaturan manufactorums providing the armies of the Ultramarines with a continuous supply of weapons, armour and tanks… In the latter years of 007.M31, the combined fleets of the World Eaters and Word Bearers Legions carved a path of destruction towards Armatura, leaving a trail of butchered worlds and shattered Loyalist fleets behind them. As the Traitor armada arrived in the Armatura System, it made no attempt to cover its advance. So vast was the host coming to murder Ultramar’s principal war-world that it ignored the scattered out-system fortress-stations when its ships breached realspace… By Angron’s own edict there would be no orbital bombardment preceding planetfall. The enemy would not be granted the mercy of a swift death inflicted by his fleet’s guns; he demanded instead that the Ultramarines and their servants bleed under the roaring chainaxes of the XIIth Legion.

This 15-page PDF has all the lore and rules for refighting, the three missions comprising The Battle of Armatura as the World Eaters attempt to destroy the Ultramarines during the Shadow Crusade.

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by Games Workshop

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