The Lavafall Riots

a 1-day skirmish level multiplayer team event for AoS 2.0 & Warcry with coins and bribery

During the Age of Myth, Sigmar and his Pantheon scoured the Mortal realms, taming Godbeasts, def eating rivals and pacifying destructive magical phenomena. Sigmar was left with several dangerous creatures and deadly artefacts in his hands, not easily destroyed or nullified without consequence. He needed to keep them away from the wrong hands. The Stormvaults were created to store and hide these dangers, cloaked from the minds of everyone through the magic of Penumbra! Engines. But Nagash’s Necroquake threw the Engines out of alignment, and the obscuring magic started flickering, revealing these dungeons to the Realms once more. The hunt for magical loot has started.

The Charonhydra destroyed many blocks in its rampage throughout the Lavafall District of Hammerhal Aqsha. Thousands were slaughtered or had their souls sucked out of them. Two days this went on, until the monster finally lumbered away, drawn to something unseen… Almost one month has passed since then.

From the hole through which the Charonhydra escaped, all sorts of wild Endless Spells and monstrous prisoners poured out. The Stormvault could not contain them any longer, and they have spent their merry time hunting down the survivors of the catastrophe. The people of Lavafalls have tried to find somewhere to hide or escape, but the whole district has been sealed from the city by order of the Lord-Castellants… They are trapped, and death may come to them soon.

Download the Event Pack directly from the author’s Google Drive here!

Download the Lesser Artifact Cards used in this event here!

Download the AoS Treachery Cards used in this event here!

Download the Warcry Treachery Cards used in this event here!

Download the Hidden Agendas used in this event here!

Read more about this event, including functional tips on how Nuno put together the terrain and monsters for this event at his blog here!


by Nuno Martins (Warhammer Narratives), Jeffrey Egan, & StoneMonk

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