The Flamescar Vaults

a 1-day AoS 2.0 narrative event featuring battles inbetween skirmish & full armies

During the Age of Myth, Sigmar and his Pantheon scoured the Mortal realms, taming Godbeasts, def eating rivals and pacifying destructive magical phenomena. Sigmar was left with several dangerous creatures and deadly artefacts in his hands, not easily destroyed or nullified without consequence. He needed to keep them away from the wrong hands. The Stormvaults were created to store and hide these dangers, cloaked from the minds of everyone through the magic of Penumbra! Engines. But Nagash’s Necroquake threw the Engines out of alignment, and the obscuring magic started flickering, revealing these dungeons to the Realms once more. The hunt for magical loot has started.

This download is for an Age of Sigmar 2.0 narrative event featuring a small-squads dungeon crawl using the Forbidden Power and Firestorm rules.  The squads are bigger than Skirmish, but still allow the players to explore all the nooks and crannies of the scenery and fulfill narrative missions on the table.  The event places players as one of the many groups of mercenaries, treasure-hunters and secret operatives working out of the larger Hammerhal area in Aqshy. The Commander of each of these groups has already grabbed one of the greater relics from the Stormvaults: an Awakened Artefact. They all set out to find the entrance to the Cloister of Ashes, a Grand Stormvault deep beneath Hammerhal. Given that the city’s watch had tried to seal all entrances to the vault within its perimeters, the warbands are invested in finding an alternative route. This is what leads them to investigate the smaller Vaults in the Flamescar Plateau.

Download the Event Pack directly from the author’s Google Drive here!

Download the Cards & Game Aids to support this event here!

Read more about this event, including functional tips on how Nuno put together the terrain and monsters for this event at his blog here!


by Nuno Martins (Warhammer Narratives)


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