The Island

a KoW 3e map campaign with an experience/upgrade mechanic

A new island is discovered, or perhaps has risen from the waves. Empires and factions scramble to establish a foothold on the island and exploit its riches for their sponsors.  Or perhaps a fertile plain has been wracked by warfare for generations, and newcomers move and attempt to tie the land to their home empires once and for all.  Instead of simply sending an army to destroy, key players dispatch settlers and builders. They aim to build something to last the test of time. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones who have that goal. War inevitably erupts as various great powers vie for control of this virgin territory.

A campaign involves building cities and developing resources on an overworld map of the newly discovered or contested territory. These resources are then invested into armies which are used to conquer the territory for your faction. This system involves more book keeping and upkeep than standard one-off games, but delivers a more rewarding experience that builds a narrative much more epic and memorable than setting up your models and knocking them down. The campaign system is intended as a supplement to Kings of War, by Mantic Games. All references to the main rulebook refer to the Kings of War main rulebook. The main rulebook and the Uncharted Empires supplement should be consulted for army lists and rules specific to resolving battles.

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by The Stinkfoot

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