The Great Escape

a Necromunda campaign final scenario

Nobody quite knows why it happened – some say the machine spirits of the ancient machinery of the hive’s sewage network sputtered and changed the width of a channel; some say the Water Guild redirected the flow of sewage to flood an underhive settlement that did not pay its dues for clean water; a few even say that after a particularly lavish banquet at the house of Lord Helmawr, a giant fatberg clogged the main artery down from the upper hive. 

All that is known for certain is that the level of The Pipeline’s rancid sewer water has dropped significantly, and that its flow has calmed such that navigating the waterway is a feasible proposition – if one had a suitable craft. This presents a unique opportunity for the gangs looking to reach the Sump Sea, as they could ride the currents the rest of the way down instead of needing to face the terrors of the underhive. Unfortunately, not many such vessels are present in The Tangle, a community not exactly known for its maritime heritage…

However, there is one vessel in The Tangle that every resident would recognize – The Floating Craps gambling den. It looms large while crossing Ironlung Bridge, and many gangers have spent time in the hull of the old barge to lose a few credits and drink away their cares. Nobody has attempted to cast the old ship off from its mooring in generations, but until now no occasion has presented enough of a potential reward. Now, with the prospect of a one-way express ticket to the Great Sump Sea, many of the settlement’s gangers suddenly feel confident that the sailing life is for them. 

The Delaque who have controlled the boat since arriving in town meet with the local band of Ogryn, to try to broker a deal in which brains would be matched with brawn to get the boat running. However, other gangs catch wind of the deal, and some hasty alliances are formed as their opponents descend on the waterway.

This scenario is ideal for running at the culmination of a Necromunda campaign.  Pit your gangs in one last, exciting, scenario as a capstone to your narrative.

Download the scenario directly from the author’s Google Drive here!


by BudFreeman

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