The Eye of Selene

a Necromunda Succession Campaign

Gangs pick a side in the war for control over Necromunda in the wake of the Great Rift’s opening and the assassination attempt on Lord Helmawr.  The catastrophes caused a system-wide blackout and a civil war in the power vacuum left by Lord Halmawr.

Gangs must fight to seize and consolidate whatever power base they can while cut off from their larger Houses and support structures. Adding to the challenge, your gangers find themselves on the Eye of Selene space station.  Gangs are trapped in the labyrinthine tunnels of the lower station with no way to access their home bases up in the hab levels.  

In the Great Darkness Phase, gangs fight their way through pitch-black Zone Mortalis terrain; working towards the upper levels of the station and gaining support for their cause.  

In the Spark of Rebellion Phase, gangs reconnect with their larger houses, declare their allegiance to House Helmar or the rebellion, and fight for dominance in the Sector Mechanicus and Ash Wastes terrain (dilapidated hab domes) of the upper station.

The campaign uses modified Succession Campaign rules.  Unless modified here, the standard Succession Campaign and general Necromunda: Underhive rules apply.

There is no single winner of the campaign – rather, gangs are awarded Triumphs based on their achievements.


by Digital Ghost Baby

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