The Dragon Cult

an AoS 3.0 battletome for Chaos aligned Dragon Cult

Many stories are told of the Godbeasts that roamed various realms in the Age of Myth, but there was one draconic God- beast that traversed them all. From the mountains of Azyr to the flaming fields of Aqshy, the passing of the Mother Dragon would affect many mortals. Should she land nearby, an area would irrevocably be changed. For the mother dragon embodied all the great aspects of her kind; greed, wisdom, rage, and fire. She would cleanse from the land those that were undeserving of her presence with the gift of fire, and she would bask in the reverence of the survivors. For thousands of years, the cycle of fire and worship continued, her coming was so regular that her worshipers started wars in anticipation of her re- turn.

This custom battletome is designed to be used in one of two ways. First, as a totally custom Dragon Cult army with separate allegiance abilities. If using this allegiance then you can find allegiance abilities and custom warscrolls on the following pages. The second option is to use this as a Slaves to Darkness Host of the Everchosen Army. On each custom warscroll you will find a designers footnote to designate the appropriate matched warscroll.

Now updated to version 3.0!

Download the battletome directly from the author’s Google Drive here!


by Kyle Valdez

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