The 9th Age: Skirmish Campaigns

a game of small Warbands fighting to earn fame and fortune in The 9th Age

The 9th Age: Skirmish Campaigns (T9A:SC) is a fan-made skirmish wargame based on The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles (T9A:FB).

Whereas T9A:FB is about grand armies clashing in epic battle, T9A:SC focuses on the smaller combats in which warbands struggle for survival.  The game is designed to be played as a campaign involving several players and spanning several games, though it can be used for single games too.  Each player controls a small Warband of models representing the warriors used in battles throughout a campaign.  During battles, two or more Warbands clash among scenery representing a fantasy landscape, normally on a board of 4 by 4 feet or 4 by 6 feet.  The players deploy their Warband and take alternating turns to have their models act.  Actions are typically tied to a chance of success, which involves rolling one or more dice.  During each Player Turn, a player can control his Warband over the 6 consecutive phases of the game: Recovery, Charge, Movement, Magic, Shooting and Close Combat.  After each battle in a campaign comes a Post-Game Sequence in which the Warband gains experience, progresses and is made ready for the next battle.

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by Mad ‘At & celarain

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