Supplementum Exorcists

a WH40k 9e codex supplement for the Exorcists Space Marine chapter

The Exorcists Chapter Astartes are speculated to have come from the Thirteenth Founding, known to many as the Dark Founding, a shadowed time in Imperial history sometime between the 35th and 36th Millennium. Only the highest-ranking members of the Inquisition’s Holy Ordo Malleus know their Primarch progenitor, and details of their creation have been placed into the strictest secrecy under Inquisitorial seal. Though appearing to hold to the tenents of the Codex Astartes, the Exorcists maintain two full additional Scout Companies, for a total of twelve companies. It is thought that the rumours surrounding the Chapter’s nigh heretical and esoteric training requires a high influx of recruits in order to maintain the Chapter’s continuation.

This document contains all of the rules and additional datasheets that you will need in order to fight battles as the space marines of the Exorcists Chapter. This is intended to serve as a fan-made codex supplement to compliment those rules and datasheets contained within the 9th Edition WH40K Space Marines Codex. Where such overlap occurs those parent rules & datasheets will be found in that parent volume instead of being republished here, except in those circumstances where such reproduction is of benefit to the completeness of the Supplementum. In such instances the rules common to those described below are referenced in Codex Space Marines as well as in any of the unique datasheets presented here.

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