Crusaders of the Long War

a WH40k 9e Crusade supplement for Chaos Space Marines

You may use these Crusade options for an Chaos Space Marine army in addition to the general ones found in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Rulebook. These are essentially developed purely to provide some flavorful options for Chaos Space Marine players – the victorious Chaos might be above your petty mumblings about fairness.

This little document is purely for fun. It aims to enable Chaos Space Marine enthusiasts to play their beloved army in the exciting Crusade game mode for Warhammer 40,000 9th edition with a small set of unique options. The author tries to offer an interpretation of how a special Crusade rule set for Chaos Space Marines might look like. There are many parts of the necessary Codex that would give great inspiration for custom rules. As the options from each category for the officially published Crusade rules are limited in numbers, it is hard for the author to consider all the parts that might come into question. Thus this interpretation tries to focus mainly on Heretic Astartes and how an endless crusade for the dark powers might alter them.

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You can download this supplement directly from the author’s Dropbox here!


by Lheyling, Resolute002, Pedro “Lordigan” Sena, Majestic Chicken

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