Soul Drinker

6 KoW 2e linked narrative scenarios, pitting Dwarves against the Undead, designed for new players!

Deep underground…  The miners toil pulling gems from the very bedrock of the world.  Most are mere trinkets.  Shiny baubles to adorn sword pommels and helmets.  A few are more precious and hold power; power to fuel the artefacts that can make a warrior great.  The rarest of gems hold great power and are much sought after.  They are the reason the Dwarves delve so deeply.  They are the reason for war.

A series of linked scenarios which designed to use as an introduction and to teach Kings of War to a school club.  The narrative is built around Dwarves and the Undead, but could easily be substituted for other factions.

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by Alistair Scott

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