Rising Tides

a fast paced Mordheim scenario where the environment is just as deadly as the opponent!

The city of Mordheim is not just a city of crumbling buildings, the comet’s strike has left parts of the city itself crumbling. Beneath the city is a vast series of caves, tunnels and crumbling sewers. Sometimes these areas will collapse under the weight of world above. Wary explorers will give these unstable areas a wide birth. However the more opportunistic scavengers see these areas as unclaimed treasures. Greedy minds often scheme alike and often the more desperate amongst them are prepared to fight to claim these unsteady grounds. It is still to be seen if these warbands, or even the city, can survive such greed.

This scenario aims to provide three unique components for the players:

  1. Chaotic Feel: A frantic pace that balanced combat with a game state that makes players feel under pressure.
  2. Heroic Moments: A scenario that pushes players to have their gang members to make heroic efforts to survive, creating moments that they will laugh about post game.
  3. Interactive Environment: An Environment that acts as a 3rd player posing an ever present threat to both gangs.

Read more about the development of this scenario, and see the original scenario text, at the author’s blog here!


by Daniel Robinson

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