Scourge of the Vitriol Sea

an incredible multiplayer narrative event combining AoS 2.0 and Warcry with a naval battle element

This is a joint Age of Sigmar and Warcry event that includes 2 AoS games and 4 Warcry games, plus a final interactive multiplayer megabattle game for both AoS and Warcry.

Players lead their forces on coastal raids and naval battles, in a tug of war between two factions. Themed tables and special rules allow Warcry missions to interact with AoS battles.   The event culminates in a final mega battle against the gigantic Charonhydra.

Each player must also bring a warship to carry units to battle, and we welcome players to bring their Path to Glory armies (AoS) and Champion Mode warbands (Warcry). Players can spend in-game coins to buy artefacts or upgrades to their warship between games. They can also share them with teammates or bribe their opponents.

Checkout the Warcry-only sequel: Scourge of the Vitriol Sea II, which was held at CaptainCon ’23.

Download the Event Pack directly from the author’s Google Drive here!

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by Nuno Martins (Warhammer Narratives)

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