Rohan Battlehost Quickstart Guide

unit profiles for the Rohan Battlehost for MESBG

Saddle up and muster the Warriors of Rohan beneath the banner of Éomer and take the fight to the forces of Evil.

Éomer is one of Rohan’s foremost warriors. Exiled by the command of Grima Wormtongue, he returns to aid his king at the Battle of the Hornburg. What the Warriors of Rohan lack in armour, they make up for with courage and bloody minded determination.

This download includes the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game unit profiles for the models that come in the Rohan Battlehost.

  • Éomer, Marshal of the Riddermark
  • Warriors of Rohan
  • Riders of Rohan

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Download these rules directly from the Warhammer Community site here!


by Games Workshop

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