Mordor Battlehost Quickstart Guide

unit profiles for the Mordor Battlehost for MESBG

Reclaim the One Ring for the Dark Lord with the Mordor Battlehost, led by the powerful Witch-king of Angmar, supported by hordes of Orcs, and the fast and deadly Warg Riders.

The Witch-king is Sauron’s most lethal lieutenant. Robed in black, the evil Witch-king has long since forgotten the man he used to be before he was gifted one of the Rings of Power. 

Orcs are the foulest creatures to walk Middle-earth. They are evil-hearted monsters that rejoice in slaughter and destruction, while Wargs are gigantic, evil wolves – dangerous creatures with a cunning intelligence.

This download includes the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game unit profiles for the models that come in the Mordor Battlehost.

  • Witch-king of Angmar
  • Mordor Orcs
  • Warg Riders

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Download these rules directly from the Warhammer Community site here!


by Games Workshop

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