Path to Glory: WAAGH!

a WH40k Path to Glory Campaign for Orkz with 7 missions!

This campaign focuses on the rise to greatness of a powerful Ork Warlord. Not only must the Orks involved defeat a litany of challengers, but they must also earn the fear, respect, and admiration of their subordinate contemporaries.

To begin, gather together one or more friends and all of your Ork models. Even if you only have one or two buddies with Ork armies, any self-respecting Ork player ought to have plenty of models to share with a few friends. Who knows? Perhaps some of your friends will even catch the Ork bug (or is it the Ork spore?) and begin collections of their own!

Each player will create their own Warlord and grow their warband over the course of the campaign. When the final battle draws to a close, you should know who has won the right to strike out into the Galaxy with a WAAGH! of their own at their backs!

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by Masters of the Forge

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