Path to Glory: Dawnbreaker

an AoS 2.0 narrative event pack for running a 24 player team Path to Glory event

Ahead of the vast Dawnbringer Crusades come the outriders and pioneers scouting new territories and kingdoms for the grand host that follows. So immense are the Dawnbringer Crusades that Dawnbreakers might have many months or years of isolation in these fledgling lands before the mighty armies arrive to make them secure. It is in these trying times, so far from the mighty armies of Sigmar that many seek to lay their own claim to freshly found lands that they might rule as nobles and warlords, ambition an ever present enemy of civilised conduct.

An event pack for running a Team Path to Glory event (24 Players across 6 teams)

– Expanded narrative injury system for Heroes
– Team Territory Mechanics
– Defending Territory Rules
– Scoring Mechanic and Warcouncil format to plan attacks

Download this event pack directly from the author’s WordPress site here!

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by Ricki Smith (KITBASHED)

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