Night of da Livin’ Scrap

a Halloween themed Gorkamorka scenario for 2 players

Juza was a Mekboy and he knew good scrap when he saw it, even if the other Meks said the writing on the scrap wasn’t normal dead writing.  If they wanted to pass up premium scrap, that was their loss – and his gain.  Still, while he was sifting the piles he wondered if he didn’t catch something moving out of the corner of his eye.  Thievin’ grotz!  But when he turned, not a soul was to be seen.  Juza wasn’t to be deterred.  He even built himself a little hut, in the shade of one of the piles.  He would spend his days sorting through the scrap and making piles of good bitz and bad bitz.  In the morning, he would think that the piles had grown smaller in the night. And he felt tired, so very, very tired…  Juza shut himself away, mobs looking for gubbinz were turned away and he stopped appearing at Gorkamorka to build.  Two younger Mekboys were sent to give him a good reminder of his duty.  They haven’t been seen since. With rumours of Juza’s big scrap pile doing the rounds mobs have been keeping an eye on the yard. From the looks of it, Juza has been very busy indeed. He’s got to sleep some time, right?

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This download was made possible by the amazing work done over at The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site.  If you’re serious about Gorkamorka, tUGS is your new best friend!


by Benjamin Fox, Ross Graham, and Matthew McPherson

courtesy of The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site

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