Longest Night 2018

a Halloween themed, casual, narrative, event for Warmachine/Hordes

“We hunt ghosts for a living. Doesn’t that make all of this”—Baxter Roan’s sweeping gesture indicated the decorations and costumes of his fellow Strangelight Workshop agents—“a little distasteful?”

“Lighten up, Roan,” said Emmet Cohen as he poured himself a glass of brandy. “It’s one night every three years. Trust me, if you don’t take a moment to enjoy yourself, make fun out of it all, it will drive you crazy.” The wizened mechanik gestured toward the team’s caller, Evalyn di Mattys, with his glass. “And some of us don’t have that far to go.”

“I loved this holiday,” Baxter said. “As a child, anyway. But dressing up like ghosts and grymkin while we get drunk seems like it’s inviting disaster.”

“If this is disaster, I can’t wait to see what apocalypse looks like,” Sydney Wright said from across the room. The bouncer had pulled her trapperkin mask halfway up to take a drink, which gave the woman a strange, double-faced appearance. She took a large swig of beer. “Where’s Dalton?”

“Our erstwhile jammer has gone to procure some trollkin brew he promises will ‘really kick your guts out,’” Emmet said.

“What shall we do until he gets back?” asked Evalyn.

“Anyone know any scary stories?” Sydney said.

“I’ve picked up a few in my time,” Emmet said. “Top off your drinks and settle in. Let me tell you about this time back in Corvis, out on the bayou . . . ”

Longest Night 2018 is a Halloween-themed casual event that promotes candy, costumes, and some good ol’-fashioned tabletop carnage.

This event is intended to be run as a single-day casual event at either the 25-, 50-, or 75-point army levels. Players are welcome to change their army size, army list, and even which Faction they are playing between games. The Event Organizer (EO) is not required to dictate round pairings, and there are no round timers. Instead, players find a willing opponent, throw down using the special scenario and rules found in this document, and walk away with some fantastic prizes, no matter how many victories they achieve!

In other words, this event isn’t about being the best; it’s about battle for the sake of battle. Oh, and candy. Lots of candy. Costume contests, too!

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by Privateer Press

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