Kill Team Campaigns Revamp

a narrative focused Kill Team Campaign System with a GM

This is an attempt to both streamline the Kill Team campaign system and add additional scenarios to help new DMs with their campaign. This deals with differences to the normal competitive Kill Team Format. If an aspect is not explained, assume it is the same as in competitive (not Narrative) Kill Team. Quick Stats: Healing Charges: 2 as a base level, and they are replenished after each Mission. Roster size: 200p of Kill Team models, Commander not included, with no more than one of each Specialization. XP from a Mission: 20XP for participating, 50XP for winning. XP per Level: 100 for Specialists/Commander, 50xp for your Fireteam more generally. Victory Points: 10 for winning a mission, 5 for (some) bonus objectives. Faction with the most victory points at the end of the Mission chain wins.

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by DeathwatchSpecOps

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